Though thought by many as a rather morbid subject for discussion it should  not be considered so much as being about death but, rather, about life after death, the life of those loved ones you leave behind and the provisions you make for them from your estate.

The importance of having a well drafted Will cannot be over emphasised as if you die without a Will in place then your estate will be administered in accordance with the rules of intestate succession (where someone dies without a Will in place) and your estate may not go to the beneficiaries that you would wish to inherit.

In addition, when you make a Will you appoint your Executors, responsible for ensuring that your wishes are carried out fully and because you have nominated your Executors you are placing your affairs in the hands of people you trust.

A Will, in short, gives you substantial control over your nominated Executors and Beneficiaries and should never be regarded as written in stone as it is capable of being reviewed and amended as your circumstances change (e.g. divorce, birth of children, birth of grandchildren etc) though ensuring that you continue to be in substantial control of what happens to your estate.

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